What is SURV?

The industry-leading dual price program ISO.

An ISO that focuses on dual price programs, specifically through verticals that have technology that brings value to the businesses beyond just the dual price programming.

An industry leader with respect to providing a premier partner programs, training, tools and support to allow its sales partners, merchants, and vendor partners to both grow and build wealth.

A disruptor by setting the example in the industry and leading through transparency and education.

Surv is built on three “P’s”:

Your Dual Price Experts

DualPrice accounts, properly implemented, will make up our primary focus.

Partners will receive vertical-specific sales training, marketing tools, solutions to attack specific industries with confidence on Dual Price.

Merchants will receive assets currently not available in the industry that will help them implement a proper dual price program.

Partners will receive industry leading, extremely thorough training in dual price and sales strategy.

We will deliver bundled programs beyond dual price to build long-term, incredibly valuable merchants.

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