Increased Revenue

Stop paying fees to credit card brands. Now you can accept cards without losing revenue.

Free Terminal

Free, brand new, desktop or virtual terminal that arrives ready for you to plug & play.

Next Day Funding

Process transactions today, see the funds in your bank account tomorrow.

How Much Will You Save?

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Your Additional Annual Revenue with SURV zero:




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What Else is Included in SURV zero?

No Obligation

Try SURV zero as long as you like. If for any reason you don't love it, we'll switch you back to traditional processing.

No Hidden Fees

SURV zero pricing and fees are fully transparent to you and your customers.

All Payments Accepted

Works with all credit and debit card types, EMV chip cards included, plus ApplePay and Android Pay.

Easily Bypass or Skip Fee

You always have the option to waive the fee for individual customers if you desire to.

Flexible Fee Options

Fee amount can be a flat fee or a percentage amount, you choose what's best for you.

Mobile App Included

You can access your transaction data from anywhere with our mobile app.

Plus Much More:

  • Free Credit Card Terminal
  • Free Store Signage
  • Free Gift Card Program
  • Free Loyalty program
  • Free Invoicing Software
  • Free recurring payment software

Free Gift Card Program

50 free gift cards, free processing, and real-time reporting.

Free Invoicing Software

Send invoices to customers and collect instant payments.

Free Mobile Payments

Take payments on the go anytime, anywhere.

Why Pay to Accept Credit Cards?

Especially when you're no longer are required to.

SURV zero gives you unlimited processing for a flat monthly fee. Depending on the size of the transaction, a non-cash price adjustment is passed through to your customer on all card transactions. The amount collected is used to cover processing and interchange cost allowing you to save nearly all the money you're currently paying in fees.

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