• Passion for the sales partners and businesses that we SURV, helping them achieve their maximum potential.

  • Passion for a properly executed Dual price program combined with products that drive smarter business decisions, customer engagement and time savings for the merchant.

  • Passion for the industry and delivering a program that equips and educates out partners for long term success and real wealth building.

  • Passion for SURVing the payments industry as a whole by being a leader in how business is conducted, and communication is handled.

Passion for delivering incredible customer experiences that will meet the demands of the future.


  • Perfection through vertical and product focused dual price programs that will lead the industry as experts.

  • Perfection through transparency with a premier, partner program.

  • Clear and transparent Schedule A options.

  • Portfolio Control

  • Re-engineered Bonus program.

  • Equipment programs with multiple support options.

  • Empowering our partners with industry insight that will better equip them for long term success in the payments industry

Perfection through excellence in education and equipping partners for success and real wealth building.


  • Business is the greatest un-tapped vertical for personal fulfillment and purpose.

  • SURV is going to lead in a new way of instilling purpose into its culture and the lives of those that both work for and partner with us.

SURV will be impacting the world and changing lives from day one, through clean water initiatives, partnering with Charity Water and Water for Good...

Why Clean Water?

Access to clean, safe drinking water immediately begins to solve a host of other issues, medical, education, social, and more!

The average walk to get water in Africa is one mile, each way. This is often done multiple times a day by children.

Outside of the wells managed by Water for Good, 60% of all wells in Africa are currently non-functioning.